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Linux VPS and Windows RDP in the Netherlands

With all of our plans you will be provided with instant access to your service, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Linux VPS


  • Instant Setup
  • Dedicated IP
  • Cheap
  • 10+ Operating Systems
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Windows VPS


  • Instant Setup
  • Easy Control Panel
  • SSD Storage
  • Administrator Privileges
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Why Should You Choose a Netherlands VPS?

VPS in the Netherlands are a good choice because of their fast and stable internet connectivity across all Europe and advanced infrastructure. The Netherlands is home to world class data centers that offer high speed connectivity and low latency connections making it an ideal location for businesses that require reliable and fast VPS hosting.

On top of that, the country has strict data privacy laws, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

Why a VPS can improve website speed and performance

A VPS can improve website speed and performance by providing dedicated resources that are not shared with other websites. This means that your website will have faster loading times and be able to handle more traffic.

With a VPS you have more control over the server configuration, allowing you to optimize your website for better performance. The result is a faster and more responsive website that provides a better user experience for your visitors.

The benefits of using a VPS for SEO purposes

Using a VPS for SEO purposes offers benefits such as faster website loading times, better website security and greater control over server settings.

With a VPS you can install SEO tools, configure the web server settings to improve website speed and host multiple websites. This can help improve your website's search engine ranking leading to increased traffic and more visibility for your business.