Our Datacenter Locations

dedicated server locations map

Where are our services located?

As a global web hosting partner, we have a dynamic network of servers located across the world to serve your needs. Our servers are located in Iceland, Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland) and North America, providing high speed connectivity.

Where are our Dedicated Servers?

We currently offer dedicated servers in 6 different locations: Netherlands, USA, France, Switzerland, Germany and Iceland. Each location provides its unique advantages allowing you to choose the best option depending on your needs. For example, if you are working in the US, selecting a US-based server will ensure fast response times.

Dedicated Servers

Active Since Country Service Active
12-22-2022 United States
12-22-2022 Netherlands
12-22-2022 Germany
12-22-2022 France
12-22-2022 Switzerland
12-22-2022 Iceland

Where are our VPS and Shared Hosting servers?

You can take advantage of our powerful servers designed for virtual private servers (VPS) and shared hosting services. We have servers located in Germany and USA. With our virtual private servers (VPS) and shared hosting services you can get the performance to power your website or application with a reliable connection no matter where you are located.

Virtual Private Server

Active Since Country Service Active
12-30-2022 United States
02-04-2023 Germany
03-13-2023 Netherlands

Shared Hosting

Active Since Country Service Active
12-30-2022 United States
02-04-2023 Germany

What is the benefit of choosing a specific server location?

By selecting one of our dedicated servers from Europe, North America or Iceland, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure and your applications will run smoothly. With the server located closer to you, you can also enjoy faster response times for your customers.

Additionally, if you choose a specific location for hosting purposes, such as Germany for European customers or USA for US customers, this ensures more reliable performance and fast loading times. As always, our friendly team is on hand to provide guidance and advice when it comes to selecting the right server location for you.